The Con Has Arrived!

It’s here! The Con, a novella about friendship, love, and wizard rock, is now available for purchase as an ebook at your favourite online book retailers. A print edition is forthcoming, but for now you can own the unconventional story of Ren Coffey and her movie star not-quite-boyfriend for your Kindle, Kobo, iPad, and other eReader devices – all for under a dollar!

As a special bonus, ebook readers will have the chance to read an exclusive sneak peek of my upcoming full-length novel, Bent – coming in 2013!

(Have I bombarded you with enough exclamation marks yet?)

A sincere thank you to all who’ve supported this endeavor, from first readers to book trailer editors to those who have simply shared in my excitement along the way—I hope you enjoy this little tryst into the fandom world of love, creativity, and wonderful insanity.

Click the images below to find The Con at your favourite place to shop:

The Con - Karri Justina Shea

Coming Soon to Kobo Books and Barnes and Noble!


The first thing that Ren Coffey needs you to know is that she is nobody’s fangirl.

She agreed to play with wizard rock band Neville’s Toad at their crazy geek conference only because her cousin Whitney begged her to – and for the free trip to Florida. So when a chance encounter with wrocker-turned-movie star Teddy Hudson leads to an unusual proposal to help him stave off the more fervent of his rabid fans, she figures she can handle his supposed charm. What she doesn’t expect to find is how much she and Teddy actually have in common – and just how much their charade could cost her before it’s done.

Set in the unconventional world of fan conventions, The Con is a novella about music, friendship, and finding the courage to geek out to your heart’s content.

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