About Karri

Karri Justina Shea is a writer, teacher, and author of The Con, a tale of love and wizard rock for YA readers. Her geek cred includes authoring the popular Starship fanfic Learning to Dance, though she is definitely not cool enough to be in a wizard rock band. Karri has travelled the world seeking stories and magic and currently lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada with her family of three.

Karri has recently become a contributing writer at Paperdroids, an online magazine for girls, where she shares her thoughts on fantasy and sci-fi literature, entertainment, and other similarly geeky things.

Karri’s first full-length novel, Bent, will be released in 2013.

Want to learn more? Check out Karri’s interview as “Author of the Month” at the blog of author and artist Joanne Renaud.

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