Learning to Dance

She fought through the pain, through every part of her that wanted to give up, give in, let it be over. She fought because she knew that as long as she was fighting, Up would be fighting too.

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Everything in Taz’s life can be traced back to her quinceañera, the day she lost everything she’d ever known – and the day she met a Starship Ranger named Up.

Lieutenant Up had spent his life alone, a soldier, devoting himself to a war that has spanned centuries. He can’t explain why he feels so drawn to the fiery Mexican girl, this tiny creature who can scream like a banshee in the face of certain death.

Their story spans both lightyears and decades, alien planets and bouncing moons, spacefaring starships and the crumbling ruins of a decaying Earth. Up becomes Taz’s teacher, her commanding officer, her friend and her love – but when war and tragedy tear him down, it is only she who can help him get back up and become the man she knows he can be.


Learning to Dance is an unofficial work of fanfiction based on the sci-fi adventure musical Starship by YouTube sensations Team Starkid. Since it was first published as a serial during the summer of 2011, it has spawned numerous pieces of art, musical compositions, videos, fanfic of its own (affectionately referred to as “fic-ception”), and even an incredible online community known as Pedro’s Army.

For the first time, Learning to Dance is now available as a special edition ebook, newly edited and complete with never-before-seen illustrations by artist Kendyll Romine. The best part? It will always be completely free – as a work of fanfiction and as a gift of love (and slight, fangirlish insanity) to the Starkids and everyone who has read and supported what began as a simple little story and somehow became so much more.

Curious about Starship and Team Starkid? Check out their website, or go here to donate and keep these innovative young people in business.

Please note that neither Learning to Dance, Pedro’s Army, nor the author are affiliated in any way with Team Starkid. LtD and Pedro’s Army were born out of the kind of well-intentioned yet slightly scary love that only a fangirl (or fanboy) can achieve.

Want the full story? Check out Karri’s interview as August’s “Author of the Month” on author and illustrator Joanne Renaud’s blog.


What readers are saying about Learning to Dance:

“A story unlike any other. Karri goes above and beyond the calling in this fantastic prequel to the hit musical Starship.” – Carlie, 18, USA

“Karri’s incredible passion, talent for words, and love for these characters beautifully combine to make Learning to Dance, a prequel of the deepest understanding and perfection that makes it exquisite.” -Emma, 13, USA

“Karri knows exactly how to turn words into an masterpiece. Learning to Dance is an amazing story, and I dare you not to cry at least once while reading it.” -Nina, 15, the Netherlands

Learning to Dance is a masterpiece that will toy with your emotions in a way that few stories can. A simply marvelous expansion of the Starship universe, and a stimulating read for any fan.” -Allyson, 15, Oklahoma

Learning to Dance is now one of my favourite stories. The characterisation and emotion are what brought me back every time.”
– Rachel, 19, Australia

“A truly unique romance which will grip its reader from beggining to end. With it’s truly stunning mixture of powerful emotion, breathtaking settings and loveable characters, as well as the brilliant quirky humour that Starkid is famous for, Learning To Dance is an absolute must read for any fan of Starkid, Starship or beautifully written romance. I can guarantee, this stunning work will not disappoint any reader as this story defies the status quo with its brilliance!”- Naomi, 16, UK

Learning to Dance is a must read for any Starkid fan. Forget what you’ve heard about fanfiction, because this story will capture your heart and imagination.” -Elizabeth, 20, USA

“A work of true art and beauty, Learning to Dance will have any Starship fan in tears. Karri adds depth to an already wonderful story with her amazing imagination. A must read for any fan of the popular musical.” -Sarah, 15, Canada

“Karri’s extraordinary gift with words is showcased here in an exquisite story that will play with your emotions like nothing before.” -Adina, 16, USA

“Made me weep like a five year old who has had her favourite toy burnt in front of her eyes.” – Cara, 19, UK

“Taz’s courage and bravery through this story inspired me so much, it literally saved my life.” -Sami, 14, USA

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