The Con

The first thing that Ren Coffey needs you to know is that she is nobody’s fangirl.

She agreed to play with wizard rock band Neville’s Toad at their crazy geek conference only because her cousin Whitney begged her to – and for the free trip to Florida. So when a chance encounter with wrocker-turned-movie star Teddy Hudson leads to an unusual proposal to help him stave off the more fervent of his rabid fans, she figures she can handle his supposed charm. What she doesn’t expect to find is how much she and Teddy actually have in common – and just how much their charade could cost her before it’s done.

Set in the unconventional world of fan conventions, The Con is a novella about music, friendship, and finding the courage to geek out to your heart’s content.

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It’s here! The Con, a novella about friendship, love, and wizard rock, is now available for purchase as an ebook or in print at your favourite online book retailers. Now you can own the unconventional story of Ren Coffey and her movie star not-quite-boyfriend in your hands for $5.99 or for your Kindle, Kobo, iPad, and other eReader devices for under a dollar! (As a special bonus, ebook readers will have the chance to read an exclusive sneak peek of my upcoming full-length novel, Bent – coming in 2013!)

A sincere thank you to all who’ve supported this endeavor, from first readers to book trailer editors to those who have simply shared in my excitement along the way—I hope you enjoy this little tryst into the fandom world of love, creativity, and wonderful insanity.

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What readers are saying about The Con:

“A classic tale of boy meets girl, with a magical twist.” – Carlie, 19, USA

“In no way is the rollercoaster of being in a fandom described better than in The Con. Not only does it show the insanity of being a fangirl, but also the madness of being a celebrity. Karri has shown the world the craziness of a geek’s everyday life in the best, most accurate way possible.” – Emma

“Not only an adventure every fangirl dreams of having, The Con once more show’s Karri Justina Shea’s amazing talent with words and results in a novella full of laughs, wonderfully scripted characters and goosebump moments … you won’t be able to stop turning the pages.” – Brigid, 15, Australia

“Funny, insightful, even heartbreaking at times… The Con has everything you want from a book.” – Nina, 16, the Netherlands

“It is not often that in such a short work you can come to feel for the characters so much and find yourself being transported into the author’s world so quickly but this book definitely does so. A cute story that has true depth, feeling, and a bit of humour thrown into the mix equals a great success. I can’t wait to read more by Ms. Shea!” – YellowRose @ Amazon

“This is a fantastic book for both old and new readers of Ms. Shea’s work . . . I usually do not like novellas because I feel the length can not flesh out multi-dimensional characters and a good plot, but I ended up loving the book. The characters are complex and you can quickly and easily emphasize with them. The Con is equal parts emotional, humorous, romantic and set in the crazy, amazing, nerdy world of fandoms.” – Katharine Steely-Brown @ Goodreads

“I absolutely adore Karri Justina Shea’s writing. She definitely caters to the more geeky crowd, but even non-geeks would enjoy her writing. Entertaining and really just lovely.” – HaiDang Tran @ Barnes & Noble

“What fascinated me the most about The Con is that it showed me two perspectives that aren’t usually written about: The perspective of a non-fangirl looking in on the world of fandoms, fangirls and cons, and the perspective of a celebrity who is grateful for his fans but wants to be able to do things without being watched all the time . . . Funny, engaging, insightful and even heartbreaking at times Karri used the whole spectrum of emotions available in this novella, and I’m amazed at how she pulled it off. I recommend it to literally anyone who can to read.” – Nina R @ Smashwords

“As a fangirl myself I was delighted when Karri announced she would be producing a piece of work set entirely within what is essentially, my world. The Con is a perfect picture of the fandom lifestyle and accurately portrays the kind of goings-on that occur at the big fan conventions, such as LeakyCon (on which GeekyCon is based). It’s really enchanting to see Ren’s development from outright-skeptic to almost-fangirl herself, and despite the shortness of the book I really felt this was all truly believable and excellently written . . . An excellent story and I now cannot wait to read Bent!” – Cara @


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